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Ladder Pod

Camera Support System

EagleCSS has yet another camera support system solution to offer Vancouver film productions known as a Ladder Pod. E.F. Moy Ltd., a well-respected European manufacturer of film production equipment, made this lightweight and incredibly strong¬†aluminum version. It’s stable frame gives ample purchase for both the camera and the operator, and is easy to modify to different heights, making the Ladder Pod a perfect choice in wide variety of shooting scenarios.

  • Perfect to get a static high-angle shot within budget
  • The original ladder pod designed and manufactured in England
  • Produced using specifically designed aluminum ladders and top casting
  • Comes with three-way leveler, two standing platforms and one battery tray
  • Can reach 12ft to 20ft
  • Excellent for mounting on uneven or difficult areas such as shallow ponds, ocean beaches, rocky slopes and marshlands
Eagle Camera Support Systems are Safety Inspected